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They say that where the real action is, there is where The Linear is actually located. The workplace, the real economic transactions and battle, it is in this part of the country where the all these take place. 

To allow its residents to keep up with modern living, The Linear has made sure that within the reach of its residents’ fingertips, world class and the best of facilities and amenities are available for everyone to enjoy. 

The Linear has this to offer: 

Multipurpose covered court available for everyone to use with indoor jogging trails. Also available is a 25-meter lap pool right next to the wading pool and kiddie pool. This way, both adults and kids can spend their weekend safely on pools and may socialize from there. A Fitness center was also provided and it is equipped fully with first class facilities and there's a shower room for everyone, afterwards. 

There is a fully furnished study hall for students and workers to spend quiet moments, where computer and internet connection are available. There is also an outdoor children’s playground - much safer place for the children to enjoy. Toys and other common playgrounds are available for kids to enjoy. Party rooms were also provided for residents social needs. No need to go somewhere else to spend party times. 

The Game room is available anytime for everyone to enjoy. Eco-roof at the top of the podium and there is also a Garden and viewing deck where you can safely do your Yoga exercises, aerobics and meditation. The central park is also a nice place for everyone to spend time; there's free wifi at the podium. Despite the indoor limitations, The Linear also provided a poet’s and painter’s nook reserved a place for chess players and a telescope platform. All of these first amenities and recreational centers are within the same roof.

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